Ways to improve your home as your family grows

Family homes can benefit from a new extension, such as a bathroom, conservatory or new doors & windows – see some door prices & types

Although having a growing family is an incredibly memorable part in the life of any parent, it’s worth bearing in mind the demands that this can place on a property.

As the household becomes larger, you’ll accumulate more possessions, which can lead to your home becoming cramped. This is something that can be counteracted by renovating your property to increase the amount of living space it provides.

Why add a Home Extension?

Of course, if you find you are in need of more space, it can be a tempting option to look at buying a new home. However, it’s worth bearing in mind the process of moving up the housing ladder can be time-consuming and expensive. Having work done on your existing home, on the other hand, can create the additional space you desire quickly.

Why add a Home Extension?

While refurbishment projects are likely to cost a significant sum of money (depending on the nature of the work you want doing), it should pale in comparison with the amount you’d have to spend on things like conveyancing and stamp duty when purchasing a new property.

As obvious as it sounds, you should give some thought to what exactly it is you want from your home before work starts. If, for example, you find your living room is extremely cramped with furniture and kids’ toys, you should look to make it more spacious. This could be done by adding an extension to the side of the room or knocking down the wall that divides it and the kitchen to create a larger open-plan space.

Alternatively, you could choose to have a conservatory fitted. Whether you opt to use this as a place to relax after a stressful day at work or encourage your children to play in here, it makes a great second lounge.

Parents of growing families might also want to think about having a second bathroom fitted. As children grow older, and particularly when they are in their teens, you’re likely to find getting into the bathroom becomes increasingly difficult. For fairly obvious reasons, having to queue up outside your bathroom each morning because it’s occupied by someone else can prove irritating, especially when you need to get ready for work.

This is a problem that you can get around by creating an en-suite bathroom in your property’s master bedroom. Doing so should mean you’re always able to make use of the facilities whenever you need them.

Of course, you’ll need to think carefully about what specific amenities your new bathroom will provide. The sheer fact it’s an en-suite means it’s likely to be smaller than your main bathroom, so it might prove a better idea to have a shower enclosure, as opposed to attempting to get a tub fitted here.

Regardless of the kind of renovations you have in mind for your property, you should always make sure that you have the relevant planning permission in place before any work starts.

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Depending on the work you want to do and the kind of home you own, you might need to obtain approval from your local council prior to the renovation starting. This is something that often applies to those who live in listed homes and/or people who wish to make improvements that drastically change the exterior appearance of their property.

Even if you think the work you want doing is relatively minor, it’s worth checking to make certain what, if any, consent is required. If you make unauthorised improvements, you may be subject to enforcement action and forced to return your property back to its original condition.

Why add a Home Extension?