Home design – taking the initiative yourself

While it may be an exciting prospect for homeowners to design and style their own abode from scratch, there are a number of things they must consider first. Above all, it is crucial that people take their time and don’t make hasty decisions – and if necessary, discuss any plans with a professional. Read on for our top tips.


You don’t have to go overboard when picking an interior for your home, but in order for there to be some consistency in your decor it may be necessary to settle on a particular style or theme.

If you’d like to create a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere in your abode, then a minimalist approach might be a good idea, while if you’re into bold and extravagant fabrics and colours then you should keep this in mind when picking out furnishings for your property.

It’s important to capture your personality at the same time as designing a home that is refreshing and welcoming to guests.

Floor plan

Top tips for designing your own home

By creating a floor plan for your home, you’ll benefit from greater clarity of mind when it comes to deciding where items of furniture need to be positioned in order to create as much space as possible. Modelling a home can seem like a daunting task, but when you have paperwork in front of you the project will feel much more manageable.

It’s all too easy to rush into major design decisions, but with a detailed plan it’s guaranteed that you’ll save time when unpacking and finding a home for furnishings. Make sure you consult your loved one about where they’d like things to go, as designing a house is a big step and it’s important that everyone is happy.

Low maintenance flooring

Flooring is a major feature of any home and it is crucial you factor it in when designing your abode. Think about the kind of floor that would suit you and your needs, as these considerations will help you to make the right choice.

Laminate flooring is an ideal surface for any domestic setting as it is easy to look after and any spills can be cleaned up easily.

What’s more, because of its modern appearance, it automatically generates a contemporary and sophisticated ambiance. You’re sure to find something to match your preferences with UK Flooring Direct, whether you fancy installing a beech, walnut or oak laminate floor or prefer more authentic designs.

Consult with experts

No matter how determined you are to design your home alone, you should always call in a professional if there are any major decisions you are struggling with. Having an expert on-hand to offer guidance will ensure the process runs a lot smoother and the stress of the situation will be dramatically reduced.

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An experienced designer can help you finalise any proposals you have drafted and check that they are feasible when it comes to moving in to the property. You’ll still be putting in your fair share of hard work, but it is nice to have extra reassurance when you’re making such a large investment.

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Top tips for designing your own home