How to add character to your home

It doesn’t matter whether your house is decades old or a new build, there are plenty of ways you can bring it to life and inject some character into your home decor.

It’s important to feel happy and relaxed in your abode and live in a space that best reflects your needs and personality – read on for our advice about how this can be achieved.

Bold colours

Adding a splash of colour into any of the rooms in your house is a great way of unleashing your creativity and making people who visit feel welcome and relaxed.

No need to overdo it – simply pick a feature wall and paint it your favourite shade. This should then be balanced with more neutral tones like white or cream to create a stark contrast and have maximum impact.

You could also work bright colours in to your furnishings and home accessories. It’s easy to give a space charm by placing cushions, throws or fabrics in bold shades on sofas or beds.

Wood flooring

For a stunning and long-lasting focal point, homeowners should fit their properties with wood floors. As well as being able to withstand large amounts of activity in any space – which is great for families with lots of little ones running about – wood flooring is fabulous to look at and is sure to transform any space.

It could be engineered wood surfaces that catch your eye – which you can buy from UK Flooring Direct – or lighter, oak materials. Whatever your eventual choice, it’s guaranteed that wood flooring will add buckets of personality and class to your home.

Whether you’re working with a tight budget or have plenty of cash to spare, you’re bound to find a variety of flooring that matches your requirements.

Work on the exterior

While it’s true that beauty starts from within, it’s also important you give the outside of your home plenty of character as well.

As well as placing vases of flowers around the house, you could display your favourite blooms in hanging baskets or window boxes to catch the eyes of passers by. People who live in new properties in particular should treat their properties like a blank canvas and think about what can be done to make their house shine next to their neighbours’.

You could also add a low cost conservatory

home improvements with characterThe exterior is the first part of your home guests are going to see, so if you live in an old house you may want to consider replacing your front door. As well, if you get to work on your garden now, you’ll be able to make it look attractive ahead of the summer.

Old-fashioned design

Even if you’ve just moved in to a new build home, there are many ways you can create an atmosphere of times past in your house. There’s no better way to add charm to a property than by getting hold of some vintage trinkets and dotting them on shelves, mantelpieces and side tables.

Why not turn back the clock by scouting local charity shops and warehouses for old, time-worn furniture? Not only will this give your home an authentic look, it’s also extremely cost-effective and you’ll have plenty of your budget left over.

Deciding on how to add home improvements with character