Andy Charters – Guitar


Age: Can’t remember! but still younger than all of AC/DC …except Angus!


Birthplace: Liverpool U.K.


Hobbies (other than music): skydiving, graphic design, history, visiting battlefields.


Neil and I were schoolmates and always into rock. After seeing Mott the Hoople live at the Liverpool Stadium I think Neil, Keith and I all knew that is what WE wanted to do. Mott were the first band I saw that played for the audience, and not just for themselves. I always felt that we (the fans) were PART of the gig. We try to pass that same feeling along in our gigs. I love everything about being on tour with my best mates Neil, Keith, Steve and Nige.


When our management went belly-up at the end of the U.S. tour, the bullshit we went through afterwards was emotionally devastating. It took me years (and a failed marriage in the USA) to get over it. Eventually I got my act together, married the right woman, and built a whole new life, family and career, here in North Carolina. I never considered joining another band. Marseille was the only band for me and it was gone …But 25 years later, it only took one phone call from Neil about the planned reunion for me to think “Ah fukkit, here we go again! …HELL YES! …I’m in!”. THAT’S how much being in Marseille means to me.


For the gearheads …I use Agile guitars onstage (Gibson just can’t seem to build a “lefty” I like) and a Marshall Vintage Modern stack …nothing fancy, just balls to the wall, everyday, working gear.