Nige Roberts – Vocals


Age: Younger than most of em

Birthplace: Farnworth, UK

Previous/other projects & bands: Scopyons (Scorpions tribute band) Wolfpack, Sister Rose & founder of Extreme Radio

Nige’s influences lie with the NWOBHM era bands like Def Leppard & Girl ,that Marseille helped pioneer, and his favourite bands are German rockers The Scorpions, UFO & Def Leppard,  and he first saw Marseille support UFO in 79. Nige remembers that he was actually too young to go into the Manchester Apollo bar back in 1979, had to get that one in.

Nige joined Marseille in February 2009 after a call from original Marseille bassist Steve Dinwoodie who knew Nige was active on the North West covers band circuit. Steve invited him to jam with the band, the resulting sessions formed the new Fourplay E.P. “It’s a pretty weird feeling when you join a band that you were a fan of as you have all kinds of preconceived ideas of what the guys would be like but they are just a bunch of ordinary guys, even the one who used to be on the telly!”