We Are Back – Grimm Up North Festival


Marseille are back and Reloaded for 2017 and set to make an appearance at GRIMM UP NORTH FEST on Sunday 1st October

Speaking on behalf of the band vocalist Nigel Roberts said ……”When I heard what had happened to Steve Grimmett Official I immediately wanted to help, on behalf of fellow nwobhm era band Marseille, and my initial thoughts were to donate some t shirts and cds to sell towards the cause. Anyway once our good mate Kevin Wynn of Tysondog announced Grimm Up North Fest, literally on our doorstep, I wanted Marseille to be a part of it. I initially approached Neil and he’d loved to have been involved but he is busy doing consultancy work now for children’s television worldwide and so I asked Lee Andrews and Gareth Webb, who both played on Unfinished Business, and once they said ‘absolutely yes’ I knew who was the perfect person to take Neil’s place. Darren Daz Green is well known locally and is a great player and performer and I know he will fill Neil’s place fittingly.”

“We’re obviously going to play a few songs from Unfinished Business but we want to add a few songs from the bands overlooked third album ‘Touch The Night’ into the set as its a great album and the band never toured with that record back in the day so it’s a great opportunity to finally give those songs a blast in a live situation. Whatever people’s thoughts may be its not about us it’s all about raising money for Steve’s medical bills and if we can help everyone have a good time along the way then it’s all good!”

On a final note it’s not necessarily the end for Neil as he has wished us all well and promised that if the opportunity arises then he’d love to rejoin us at some stage, if his other commitments allow?

Marseille are headlining the second stage of GRIMM UP NORTH FEST in Bury on Sunday the 1st October and tickets are on sale now £15 weekend and £10 per day

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