Dates Rescheduled Due To Visa Problems

Hey Guys

Unfortunately, due to visa problems with our guitarist Andy Charters, the November Marseille dates are being rescheduled for Spring 2014. To those of you who don’t know Andy has lived in the USA for 30 years and he finally decided to apply for US citizenship this year but this has caused him problems travelling on his existing green card and his citizenship now won’t be through until late November at the earliest, making it impossible for him to travel to the UK until at least early December!

Andy and Neil are founder members of Marseille, going back to 1976 when the band actually originally known as AC/DC!!!! As much as it’s a huge deal that Neil is on board it is also important to Neil, and the rest of the band, that his co founding member Andy is out with us as it gives a real sense of authenticity to have the two founding members of the band still in the current line up.

We will also have a new EP ready for Spring 2014 so its an ideal time to launch that to coincide with some UK dates.

We are talking to venues as soon as we can with a view to rescheduling the dates for Spring 2014.

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